Behind the Lens: Content creating with G!RO and Workshop Coffee

Behind the Lens: Content creating with G!RO and Workshop Coffee

By George Galbraith

Behind the Lens: Content creating with G!RO and Workshop Coffee

Here at Jam we spend a lot of time making content, both for the brands we work with and for ourselves.

Recently George was lucky enough to be able to join two other small businesses on a combined content making weekend for a new project they are working on.

G!RO is probably the finest example of a Cycling Cafe in the UK, maybe in the world. Located in Esher they have an excellent balance between Coffee and Cycling. They look after several imported brands as well, and spend a lot of time making top draw content both small-scale on site at the cafe and out in the city, with the likes of Michael Blann. 

Workshop Coffee have four coffee shops in central London, as well as supplying many other businesses, including the Jam office! They source, roast and brew some of the nicest coffee you can drink. It really is spectacular. 

George's invite simply stated a weekend of riding bikes, brewing coffee and camping in the outdoors! Below is his photo diary, looking behind the scenes at the work these two small brands do to produce content to help bring their ideas and projects to life. 

Finding the right places to shoot!

Its all about the details, finding the right place to set up for the shoot took the following considerations; Back drop, light, chance of being disturbed, natural props and in this case the safety of having a fire in a woods!

Considerations include: backdrop, lighting, natural props, chances of being disturbed and, in this case, safety of operating a flame in a dry wood!

Attention to detail!

Coffee Brewing Cycling

Getting different angles of the same thing, from different depths, heights and with different human and prop components. 

Get stuck in!

Photography cycling coffee 

Be prepared to get down in the dirt!

Take your time, get it right!

Cycling Coffee Photography

Do the same thing three or four times, you will want the options when you come to review the photos after. 

Get the right back drop!

Photography cycling

Everything in the image needs to be considered, from the backdrop to foliage up close.

Repeat the process in a new area!

Cycling coffee photography

It's all about what Jordan calls vistas!

Set the scene!

Cycling Coffee brewing photography

Pay attention to the little details and the other items in shot. 

Be ready!

Cycling Photography Coffee Brewing

The light might only be right for a few moments, always be ready to pounce!

Have some fun!

Cycling Photography

Make the process fun! They've taken the weekend to do this, so let's not make it a drag!

Go in search of new locations!

Cycling Photography

Constantly try new locations. Again, it means you'll have lots of options when it comes to selecting the final images.

Attention grabbing!

Cycling Photography

Try and find places that are eye catching and interesting!

Planning is key!

Cycling Phtotography

Whilst you can find lots of places just by searching, a bit of planning can bring a different element to a shoot and therefore creates a whole variety of images.


Cycling Camping Photography Coffee Brewing

Bringing a decent prop or two makes a big difference!

Helping hands!

Cycling Coffee Brewing Photography

Bribe a few people to lend a hand! The promise of a BBQ, some beers and an awesome route were enough to get me along.

Go check out G!RO and Workshop soon to see the finished articles HERE

Thanks for reading!