Black Friday #MakeUsAnOffer

Black Friday #MakeUsAnOffer

By Bold Commerce Collaborator

Black Friday #MakeUsAnOffer

You might have seen our video and you most definitely are aware that it's Black Friday tomorrow (23/11/2018).

We were slightly reluctant to take part at first; however, we thought about it...and thought some more and decided to do something a little different.

Is it time to replace that squeaking creaking bottom bracket? #MakeUsAnOffer on Kogel BBs tomorrow!

From 7:30 (GMT) until 23:59 on 23/11/2018, we'll be ready and waiting to receive your offers on any of our products (excluding the Uni-Cycle T-shirt). Yep - you've read that right. We're not going to discount anything, we'd like you to decide on the price and make us an offer. However, there are a few rules, so please read carefully:

  • We will consider all offers received between 07:30 and 23:59 (GMT) on 23/11/2018.

  • Offers received late in the day will be considered and finalised by 12:00 on 24/11/2018.

  • In order to receive your item at the Black Friday price, your invoice must be paid by Monday 26th November.

  • We will not accept offers made as public comments on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter.

  • Please make offers via direct message (Instagram/Twitter/Facebook), E-mail ( … WhatsApp (IYKYK).

  • We will endeavour to respond as fast as possible. We may barter with you, so be ready to strike a deal.

Been thinking about swapping to a new protein powder? Maybe now's the time to try Raw Sport? #MakeUsAnOffer

And that, friends, is that!

Check out our range of goods on the Tuck Shop and we look forward to hearing from you tomorrow!

The lesser known silver InfoCrank! Works the same, looks silver! Interested? #MakeUsAnOffer