Jam Cycling's BestWorst RevBox Sessions

Jam Cycling's BestWorst RevBox Sessions

By Bold Commerce Collaborator

Jam Cycling's BestWorst RevBox Sessions

Who here knows what Type 2 Fun is? I expect most of you, but for those that aren’t sure, it’s usually used to describe an experience that, whilst it’s occurring, you pretty much hate it and are having the worst time ever, but after it’s done, you’re extremely pleased about it, love to tell everyone you did it and, oddly, look forward (sort of) to doing it again.

The RevBox is an excellent piece of equipment for Type 2 Fun. Why? Because it’ll make you work hard. Really hard. Designed to build strength and perfect your pedal stroke, the wind-based erg trainer doesn’t allow build up of momentum, so it feels like your pedalling solo into a constant headwind.

mid-ride cafe stop

With colder weather firmly on its way, we chatted about our top three LoveHate RevBox sessions; ones that were gross at the time, but bring a strange, psychotic/satisfied smile to our faces when we reflect on them later.

Jess’s HighlightLowlight

After a warm up and a few short intervals in zone 3 to get the legs going and blood flowing, this session calls for 45-second intervals in zone 6. There’s a decent recovery period between each one… but you have to do 6 of them.

This one was grim. Me and zone 6 are not friends because short bursts of high power aren’t my forte. I genuinely thought I’d be sick after each rep.”

Chris’s Cream of the Crap

He couldn’t pick just one, so described two!

· Two sets of 30-minute zone 3 efforts with 10 minutes recovery between each.

“This one’s hard because the effort is so long. And it feels longer indoors than if I was outside. It’s definitely a mentally and physically tough one.”

· 30 seconds in zone 5 and 4.5 mins in zone 3, 8 times!

“It just f****n sucks. These things are so much harder on the trainer than on the road! Zone 5 is just painful.”

George’s version of HeavenHell

Standing starts were George’s contribution. After some steady riding, you come to a dead stop, get out the saddle and do a max effort sprint for 15 seconds. Repeat this 12 times with steady recovery spinning between each one.


It’s a good one to do for core activation and closely mimics a crit race. It’s hard work because each rep you have to come to a dead stop then get yourself up to max. watts in the 15 secs. The first four are OK, but then…you have 11 more to do.”

What are your PerfectNightmare sessions? If you (dis)like the sound of ours, why not give them a go!

RevBox wind-based erg trainer

Interested in the RevBox? Email us at hello@jam-cycling.com for more information and pricing.