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Do you have a desire for adventure? Do you want to challenge and test yourself by training smart? We may be able to help. 

Here at Jam we are keen to support people who want to set themselves goals and challenges. If you are a cyclist or triathlete looking to take your training to a new level we want to hear from you. We are looking for ambassadors to join our team. 

Jam Cycling is an independent importer and distributor of performance focused cycling products. 

We are partnered with Root-C Engineering, which specialises in the development of innovative sporting performance products, from technical instrumentation to conceptual composite frame design. Performance is at the heart of the products that Jam Cycling & Root-C develop and associate with. 

Jam Cycling’s mission is to bring performance tools to the public, combined with the education to optimise their use. We have developed strategic partnerships directly with some of the best coaches, clubs, race teams and stores throughout the UK. 

Our network of ambassadors, based throughout the UK, constantly provide real life content to increase the exposure and understanding of our products. This is where we need you to help us grow.

We are offering you the opportunity to use some of the best cycling performance equipment in the world to help you succeed your goals.

Verve Cycling Infocrank

The InfoCrank is the power meter of choice for British Cycling, and has been developed entirely at the request of the highest level performance cycling institutes across the globe. It is recognised as the only truly accurate power meter. 


The RevBox is quickly become the indoor trainer of choice for elite cyclists look to perform the highest quality training sessions. It creates resistance via a wind based system giving it low inertia and therefore a higher quality pedal stroke. The benefits of the unit to a riders pedal stroke development and strength work are unparalleled. 

How to Apply?

Share your challenges, goals and ideas with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Tag us in your posts and use the hashtag #JamChallenge and make sure you give us a follow.

Drop us an email on what your goals are for 2018. We can't wait to hear your challenges!