By Booster Apps


The gold standard for podium-grade ceramic bicycle bearings around the world.

We are incredibly excited to announce our new collaboration with Kogel Bearings, allowing us to offer you the highest quality ceramic bearings as upgrades to your bike.

Kogel bearings offers high-quality ceramic bottom brackets for toad, mountain and cyclocross bikes.

Kogel Bearings have three main goals:

  • Produce high-end bearings that fit premium bikes.

  • Develop specific seals for road and off-road use.

  • Design a line of bottom brackets that will eliminate the use of adapters.

Kogel Bearings offers high-quality ceramic bottom brackets for road, mountain and cross bikes.

These ceramic bottom brackets contain coated bearings, providing reduced friction and improved protection from the elements.

The ceramic bearing selection, manufacturing processes, fit and assembly have been perfected, resulting in extremely reliable and efficient bottom brackets with tight variances and industry-leading durability.

The Gold Standard for Podium-Grade Ceramic Bicycle Bearings around the World.

Road and off-road specific seal options to keep road, triathlon, TT, cross and mountain bikes running smoothly Designed to fit any crank and frame without adapters 2-Year, very-few-questions-asked warranty.

Kogel Bearings also offers options for almost any type of rear derailleur, including Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM. These ceramic derailleur pulleys elevate and improve the performance of rear derailleurs, and run on the same trusted ceramic bearings that are used in their bottom brackets.

Using aluminium, rather than plastic, for the wheels makes them very durable, particularly for off road use. As the bearings contain no metal parts and run without grease, these pulleys free spin... forever.