Riding with a British Cycling National Champ

Riding with a British Cycling National Champ

By Booster Apps

Riding with a British Cycling National Champ

Our own Jess Fawcett recounts on a day working on the bike with a few pro cyclists.

Four mini bike rides, 3 coffee stops, 2 former pro cyclists and one helluva lot of pizza. The

cold hard numbers from Tuesday the 21 st March when Jam Cycling rode out with Métier

Cycling, Dirty Wknd and former pro cyclists, Kristian House and Francis Cade. We’re really

lucky at Jam to be able to spend time on our bikes with so many different and inspiring

people, learning about all the different aspects of what it is to cycle.

After meeting at The Dynamo in Putney, we rolled out in the glorious sunshine for a couple

of blustery laps around Richmond Park. Rotating through the wind, it was a great chance for

everyone to meet and chat. There was David and Wilker representing Dirty Wknd, who

forge the way for novice and aspiring cyclists in London, and Kristian, Francis and our own

Chris Hall giving us insights into life as pros. We also had Paul Molyneux, joint founder of

Métier Cycling and Luke Atkinson, who takes awesome photos whilst riding around on his

bike. We managed to cover pretty much the entire spectrum of cyclist in one mini peloton

and, now I sit and type it out, it’s struck me what an amazing group of individuals that was.

All brave self-starters who have followed their passion and are now able to spend their days

on and around bikes, doing what they love. Pretty cool.

After a quick coffee stop in the park and an extra hill rep for content capturing purposes, we

pedalled back to The Dynamo to prepare for the evening, which involved a night ride in the

park with cyclists from all over London, as well as a Q&A with Chris, Francis and Kristian over pizza.

There was an excellent turnout with around 40 people coming to try out the Métier jackets

on the night ride and hear what the guys had to say about their experiences as cyclists. The

panel discussed the changing pro cycling scene, nutrition on and off the bike (aside from

pizza) and dabbled in the importance of rest and recovery for optimising training. It was

fascinating to hear the differences in opinion and get a few tips (baked potato in the jersey

pocket anyone?).

It was a great evening of meeting new people, eating pizza and of course, riding bikes. Check

out Francis’ video below and look out for future events on our social media or through the

Dirty Wknd website. We look forward to meeting you! All photos from the super talented Luke Atkinson