Uni-Cycle: Fair Representation of Women's Cycling

Uni-Cycle: Fair Representation of Women's Cycling

By Bold Commerce Collaborator

Uni-Cycle: Fair Representation of Women's Cycling

Hi, I’m Jess, Communications Manager at Jam Cycling and I’m lucky enough to work in cycling, the sport I love.

Earlier this week a prominent cycling website came under fire on Twitter when it shared an article about a recent event, but failed to include any photos of female competitors.

I was one of the women that fired shots.

It wasn’t actually about the photos. It was about what that lack of photos represented and the way in which the website retaliated. Rather than accept responsibility, apologise for the oversight and amend the error, they passed on the blame, belittled the issue and exclaimed it wasn’t worth getting worked up about (‘calm down, dear’).

Before this, I was irked. Following their outburst, I was raging.

This ‘oversight’ represented a chain of events that demonstrated a complete lack of consideration for female cyclists; an absence of understanding of how incredibly important it is for women to be present in the cycling media. The lack of parity between men’s and women’s cycling at all levels creates a vicious cycle, which, if it isn’t broken, will continue to hinder the advancement of women in cycling.

I’m one of very few women that works in the cycling industry, so I’m in the fortunate position where maybe I can make a difference.

So, to support women’s cycling, Jam Cycling have created a T-shirt (designed by Chris Hall), which is unisex – just like cycling. From every sale of this T-shirt, 75% of the profit will go to sponsoring a women’s team.

The saddle is an equality symbol, with the Mars and Venus symbols denoted on the wheel. The Ts are unisex – just like cycling! Furthermore they're EarthPositive® - produced exclusively from organic Indian cotton

Buy Here: https://www.jam-cycling.com/product-page/uni-cycle-t-shirt