UniCycle Musette
UniCycle Musette

UniCycle Musette

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This 100% cotton musette has an adjustable strap so it sits perfectly where you want it as you ride. Easy to open, but secure thanks to the black metal popper, you can stow all the snacks (and caps and socks) you require without worrying whether they'll still be there when you need them. Printed in Sheffield by Hunk Print using eco-friendly, water based inks, this musette is a strong contender for best musette you've EVER had.

Check out our blog to read about how the UniCycle Fund got started.

A note from George Galbraith, MD of Jam Cycling:

“The UniCycle Fund began with the UniCycle T-shirt, and we raised over £1,500, which was awarded to two growing women's racing teams, to help fund their season.

For the next iteration, we are aiming to create a considerably larger Purse and to do that we have produced a beautifully crafted bundle of accessories. With thanks to long-term partners, Hunk of Sheffield and Attacus of London for making this happen and contributing their bit towards the Purse along the way. 

This round of fundraising will contribute to making women's racing more accessible, by helping race organisers and teams to host more races, and to host more education and learning opportunities for women to get into racing.

As always, over 75% of the profit raised from the sale of the UniCycle products will go directly into the hands of those that need it for grassroots racing. The little bit left over goes towards ensuring the UniCycle Fund is sustainable and can produce the next round of products for individuals, teams and organisations to benefit from.”