Kogel Bearings

What are the advantages of ceramic bearings over a different type of material?

The alternative material for bearings is steel, and materials science indicates that ceramic (in the case of Kogel, silicon nitride) is better suited to this application. Silicon nitride experiences less thermal expansion than steel, which means that during the manufacturing process, the components can be machined to much tighter variances (i.e. more likely to be exactly the right dimensions). It is also possible to achieve a smoother finish on ceramic bearings, thus reducing vibrations when you’re out on the road/field/single track… 

Ceramic bearings are lighter than their steel alternative, therefore require less effort to accelerate and decelerate them (so no wasting of your precious energy stores). 

 Ceramic is highly corrosion resistant, as well as being markedly less heat conductive than steel, meaning you get an extremely durable bearing.

What is a bottom bracket (BB)?

The BB on a bicycle connects the crankset to the bike and allows the crankset to rotate freely. It contains a spindle that the crankset attaches to, as well as the bearings that enable the spindle and cranks to rotate.

 There are threaded BBs (these are internally threaded) and press fit BBs (which have no internal threads). The press fit type of BB was developed to accommodate a larder diameter of spindle.  

What is a jockey wheel?

It’s one of two little wheels found in the rear derailleur. They’re also called pulley wheels. They’re designed to guide the line of the chain to ensure smooth and precise shifting. Although small, they are pretty critical; if these tiny wheels become worn, there’s increased risk of gear skipping and chain slipping. Bad. Times. 

How will ceramic components improve my bike?

When it comes to bike maintenance, ceramic BBs will save you from the hideous squeaking and creaking that comes with poorly manufactured, ill-fitting components. The use of ceramic, rather than steel, bearings will avoid rusting and distorting of the bearings, meaning this BB can be fitted and subsequently forgotten. 

Ceramic bearings, found in the BBs and jockey wheels, are lighter than their steel alternatives, meaning it takes less of your effort to accelerate and decelerate them. Meaning more energy to power up those hills. Yay.

Can I fit BBs myself?

Yes. The Kogel website has some brilliant content describing how best to do it: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1473/2720/files/INSTALLING_BOTTOM_BRACKETS_LIKE_A_BOSS.pdf?14645660873701735546

Do the BBs fit any bike frame?

Kogel’s claim is ‘…almost all frames’. To find out if there's a BB for your frame, click here 

Will these parts work for road, CX or mountain bikes?

Yes! The wet, muddy Belgian environment inspired Kogel to develop premium bearings for any type of bike, whilst eliminating the need for adapters. They produce road and off-road specific seal options for use in every type of bike in any type of environment.