I don’t really ride at night, is there any point me having the Beacon jacket or gilet?

Absolutely. Aside from the visibility functions of these garments, which we’ll come onto in a minute, these are highly technical pieces of winter kit. The ProTech performance fabric (with a brushed interior), hydrophobic outer and fully taped seams, will keep you warm and dry all the time. 

Interestingly, 80% of cycling accidents actually occur in daylight, with the most dangerous times of day being 7-9am and 3-8pm. So, if you ride at any time, day or night, these garments are very handy.

How long does the battery last?

Up to 72 hours on the flashing modes and 12 hours on constant. All of that for about 3 hours of charging time!

Can I put my jacket/gilet in the wash?

Yep! Remove the battery pack from its special pocket, pop the jacket in the supplied wash bag and … wash it. 

Do I still need to put lights on my bike?

Indeed, you do. The law states that you must have a red rear light and a white front light mounted to your bicycle. However, the placement of the LEDs on the Beacon garments makes use of something called BioMotion, which is the ability to perceive the moving form of a human from a limited number of stimuli. Basically, by wearing the jacket or gilet with lights a-flashing, you’re saying, ‘Hello driver, I am a human, Please give me space. Thank you.’

Does the fabric need treating to keep it waterproof?

It doesn’t. The process Métier uses is two-stage and ‘bakes’ the durable water repellent (DWR) into the very fibres of the fabric. 

Is the Beacon jacket warm?

Very warm indeed, but don’t worry, it’s still breathable. It’s designed to keep you thermally content in the range of 3 to 13˚C (and up to 17˚C in some reviews) with only a base layer underneath.

What’s the fit like on the garments?

The Beacon collection was designed to have an ergonomic on-the-bike fit. Constructed with four-way-stretch compression fabrics, the garments are race worthy and aero-fit, but comfortable enough to ride in all day and all night.

How are the jacket and gilet different?

The LED placement, fabric type (ProTech) and fit are the same in both garments; however, there are a few differences. Do we need to mention that the gilet has no sleeves? OK, well… we just did. In addition, rather than pockets, the gilet has easy access rear flaps, so you can reach your jersey pockets. Finally, unlike the gilet, the inner surface of the fabric in the jacket is brushed, meaning you can wear just a base layer underneath.