Our first Collaboration with ZERO LEMON - THE BEYOND COLLECTION

The Contours Bandana is a brand new product for the JAM range. A carefully selected fabric, made and hand finished here in the UK. It can be tied in multiple ways to keep the wind off your neck on a ride or run or to add a touch of flair to your riding, pub or coffee shop outfit of choice. Taking a lead from mountain sports the design sketches the contours of the one of the Peak Districts toughest climbs, Mam Tor, home of the new JAM HQ. 

Our friend, hero & JAM founding member Chris Hall of Zero Lemon helped us bring this range of products to life. 

The task we set ZERO LEMON was to explore ideas from some of the more extreme outdoor endeavours and bring them to life in a collection. We took our inspiration from the activities of our youth, Skating, Surfing, Skiing all featured heavily the the early years of JAM Founder and CEO George. We wanted to be able to bring expressions of those movements and cultures into our Summer 2020 collection. 

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A Living Wage is a Human Right:

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This garment is Unisex one size fits all