Kogel Ceramic Bottom Bracket BBRight-386 (Cervélo)
Kogel Ceramic Bottom Bracket BBRight-386 (Cervélo)
Kogel Ceramic Bottom Bracket BBRight-386 (Cervélo)

Kogel Ceramic Bottom Bracket BBRight-386 (Cervélo)

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At Kogel Bearings, they believe ceramic bearings set the gold standard for bottom brackets, derailleur pulleys and wheel bearings. The ceramic material used, Silicon Nitride, is hard and wear resistant, and will not rust or oxidize. It can be precision machined into perfectly round balls with super tight tolerances and polished smoother than any metal, making it perfect for bicycle bearings.

  • Ceramic bearings provide optimum drivetrain efficiency.
  • Precision machined components ensure a smooth, squeak-free ride.
  • Bomb-proof, all-weather seals to keep you riding no matter what.


  • 386EVO
  • ROTOR 30mm

This bottom bracket will fit a 386EVO or Rotor 30mm crank on a Cervélo or Factor frame. There are no adapters, just press the cups, plug in the cranks and go ride.

For Rotor crank sets, please note that Rotor makes custom crank sets for Cervélo that are specific to BBRight. This bottom bracket is only for after market Rotor crank sets.

If your crank set came on a complete bike, you need our PF30 Bottom Bracket. If your Rotor was bought separately from the frame, you came to the right place!

We recommend selecting all-weather seals, as these will withstand bad weather and any off-road cycling you might do. For your best bike, racing bike or fair weather bike, select the road seal for a marginal friction saving.

If you have any questions or doubts about the compatibility for your bike ask us and we will help you pick the right one - available 24 hours a day on the live chat, or at hello@jam-cycling.com.

Kogel Ceramic Bottom Bracket BBRight-386 (Cervélo)