Kogel Full Ceramic 11T Derailleur Pulleys
Kogel Full Ceramic 11T Derailleur Pulleys

Kogel Full Ceramic 11T Derailleur Pulleys

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At Kogel Bearings, they believe ceramic bearings set the gold standard for bottom brackets, derailleur pulleys and wheel bearings. The ceramic material used, Silicon Nitride, is hard and wear resistant, and will not rust or oxidize. It can be precision machined into perfectly round balls with super tight tolerances and polished smoother than any metal, making it perfect for bicycle bearings.

  • Ceramic bearings provide optimum drivetrain efficiency.
  • Precision machined components ensure a smooth, squeak-free ride.
  • Bomb-proof, all-weather seals to keep you riding no matter what.

Weighing just 19g and spinning up to 10 times longer than the market leader of ceramic/titanium jockey wheels, the Kogel Full Ceramic Road Seal Jockey Wheels are the ideal option for discerning road racers who yearn for greater efficiency.

These pulleys spin on Grade 3, Abec 5 hybrid ceramic bearings.

Currently available in road seals only.

Out of the box, these pulleys fit:

  • "Standard"
    • Shimano road and MTB 10 and 11 speed
    • Campagnolo 11 speed
    • SRAM 2x MTB 10 speed
  • "SRAM 10/11 spd or SRAM 1x"

Not compatible with Campagnolo 10 speed


If you have any questions or doubts about the compatibility for your bike ask us and we will help you pick the right one - available 24 hours a day on the live chat, or at hello@jam-cycling.com.