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The Peaks Jersey

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SUMMER 2020 - is here - Our new 'The Peaks' is an homage to the Peak District, new home of JAM Cycling. Its many hills symbolised by the small A motive on the front, one of which is coloured in the JAM flour Pink to designate the hill we live by.

The rear A signifies the relentless nature of the hills in the Peak Park which often feel like climbing small mountains which go on and on before finally triumphantly cresting.

Designed in collaboration with Designer George James. The task we set George, as a long term JAM community member was to give his interpretation of our brand combined with our vision of creating inspirational clothing to encourage an outdoor active lifestyle. 

Summer 2020 collection:

This product is part of our wider Summer 2020 collection done in collaboration with different exciting, engaging designers helping to bring out vision to life in new and interesting ways.

If you are ordering a jersey from the summer collection combined with any other items, we can ship you the in stock items right away, and follow with the Jersey as soon as it arrives. Or you can opt to have everything at once when the Jerseys arrive. We will reach out to you after purchase to confirm you preference. 

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The sizing is exactly the same as our previous Jerseys for both the Mens and Womens fit. The Mock-ups are for visualisations only, they are not an exact replica of the Attacus jerseys that we have made therefore will differ ever so slightly, an example of this is the ladies sleeve. The mock-up is just a standard Jersey due to the limitations of the mock-up tools.

Sizing charts are below, you can also see how they fit on our other Jersey Product pages, links below - The Male Model is wearing a Medium Jersey

Men's size guides are available here.

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