Wend Waxworks - Pocket Pot Wax (0.5oz)

Wend Waxworks - Pocket Pot Wax (0.5oz)

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The perfect solution for mid-ride top-ups or bikepacking adventures! This Wend Pocket Wax is ideal for carrying in your jersey pocket or bike luggage, if you're already a waxed chain convert!

Wax‐On is a sophisticated paraffin-based formula that includes proprietary friction reducers, as well as proven lubricants, such as Zinc and Teflon.

The application is quick, easy and clean, as you simply rub the Wax-On onto previously waxed chain rollers and massage it in.

Please keep the lids on tight to ensure the product remains fresh. 

We recommend using the colours in conjunction with a wended chain, free of oil and dirt.