Wend Waxworks - Wax On Bulk Tin (10oz)

Wend Waxworks - Wax On Bulk Tin (10oz)

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We present to you the first ever rub‐on, wax-based, chain lubricant! In BULK!

Wax‐On keeps your chain clean, whilst its friction reducing additives ensure an extremely quiet and efficient drive-train.

It's well known that the most efficient chain lubrication method is immersing your chain into a vat of molten paraffin. However, this method is time consuming and dangerous.

Wend Waxworks set out to create a lube that would perform equal to or better than hot waxing, that would be easy to apply. After two years of development, the R&D at Wend created the Wax‐On. Wax‐On is a sophisticated paraffin-based formula that includes proprietary friction reducers, as well as proven lubricants, such as Zinc and Teflon.

The application is quick, easy and clean, as you simply rub the Wax-On onto clean chains rollers, massage it in and finish with a dribble of Wax-Off, resulting in a race ready chain in seconds!

Wend Wax‐Off is much more than just a chain cleaner. Wax‐Off is a penetrating liquid wax additive that cleans. The Wax-Off quickly cuts through wax, oil, and dirt leaving your chain sparkling, whilst also helping the wax penetrate and lubricate. The Wax‐Off is perfect for cleaning your chain prior to using Wax‐On and aids in extending the life of your drivetrain.

Now we've used Wend wax, we'll never, ever go back.

Please ensure you keep the lid on tight to keep the wax fresh.