An introduction to Sarah and Barney Storey's new racing team, Storey Racing with the aim to provide the very best in racing opportunities and mentoring.

Storey Racing is a 12 rider team for 2017 and the squad personifies the team's #BestVersionOfYou mentality which seeks to inspire everyone around them to be the best they can be. Regardless of age, performance level or activity preference being the best you can be is all anyone can ask of you. The Storey Racing logo also features a heartbeat at the centre, depicting the effort and centre of the person striving for their own best performance. Riders in the team will race Road, Track, Time Trials, Cyclocross and Mountain Bike across the course of the year.

Jam cycling helps to provide Storey Racing with Verve InfoCranks to allow the team to have the best tools to train with.